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Situated in the state of Rajasthan, Shekhawati is a region which is cemented in desert but not entirely. This is a place which is renowned for the palaces and the open air art gallery. This place was found by Rao Shekha in the 14 the century. Rao Shekhar is a part of the Kachhwala Dynasty who lived in Jaipur. Earlier Shekhawati was an integral part of the city of Jaipur but then it departed and formed a different city. The royal Havelis present in this city are well known among many people round the globe. The giant palaces built by the rulers of this place made it far more luring and attractive. It has the resemblances of the royalty of the kings and dynasties that resided there for centuries. Also the cravings made on these forts are a must watch. You will get to know the talent that Indian people had at that age also.

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There are many tourist attractions in Shekhawati and the best one of them is the Mandwa Fort. The Mandwa fort is on name that brings in many tourists to make a trip to Rajasthan. It is so popular among the international audiences that people from corners of the world come here just to have a glance of it. This fort is considered as one of the most royal and beautiful fort of Rajasthan. The popularity of this fort is so much that it has now turned in to a royal hotel where people visiting Rajasthan can accommodate also.

You also have a Dundlord Fort which is as old as 17th century. This is a very amazing place to visit where you can find spectacular piece of paintings and artworks of the workers of that era. You also have a library along with the portraits that were carved in European style.

Apart from this, Shekhawati region is famous for the Mukundgarh Fort which was constructed in the mid 18th century by the great Thakur Mukund Singh Ji. This garrison reflects the traditional outlook of the people of that ear and thus is carved in the same way. It is a very gigantic palace of more than 8000 meters and has lost of courtyards, balconies, royal windows. By visiting them you will be able to feel the richness of the ancient Rajasthani culture.

How To Reach Shekhawati

In case you are making your trip to Rajasthan and are planning to visit Shekhawati then there are many options that you can opt for:

In order to reach there the only way that you have to pass through is Jaipur. Jaipur being a very big city in Rajasthan has a great transport facility available. So you can take up a flight till Jaipur airport as it is the nearest to Shekhawati.

Also if you want to try the Indian railway option then you will have to get down at the Jaipur station and then look out for the local transport to reach Shekhawati.

There are heavy to and fro of buses form Jaipur to Shekhawati. So you do not have to worry a lot about reaching Shekhawati. In case you are not very comfortable with the local transport and traveling with strangers, you can hire a private car that can take you to Shekhawati on your own without any kind of disturbance.

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