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One of the places in Rajasthan wherein history restores is Bundi. This is because for around six hundred years at this place battles as well as wars took place between Marathas, Rajputs and British. At this place is rich in history there are many forts, palaces, havelis and many more such historical things at this place. This place is around 6km away from the Kota. From the three sides this town is surrounded by Aravalli Hills and also bordered through a huge wall which has four entrances. Bundi is also populat for its murals as well as carvings.

Bundi Photo Gallery

Jait Sagar Lake
Rani Ji Baori
Ratan Daulat
Sukh Mahal Pala...
Bundi Palace

As mentioned earlier this town is rich in history, you will get a clear idea about it when you visit the forts and places here. Bundi Durg also called as Taragarh and star fort is one of the Bundi attractions that you cannot miss. This distinctive and beautiful fort was constructed in the year 1411 by Roa Raja Bar Singh. In case you are fond of painting you will be glad to know that Bundi is well known for its paintings. You can get the proof of it when you visit Chitrashala. When you visit pavilion you will see the paintings that comprise of scenes of Raslila and Ragmala. These are the ones that will catch your attraction and the color scheme applied is really eye catchy.

Havelis also comprise of the attractions of Bundi. Some of the havelis that you can avoid visiting are Ratan Daulat and Badal Mahal, Chatarmal, Sukh Mahal, Rani Ji Ki Baori. A palace that is constructed by Rao Raja Vishnu and it retrieves history in itself. The bets part of this Mahal is that it has underground tunnel that is from the Mahal to the Taragarh Fort. Rani Ji Ki Baori is one where you will see beautifully carved panels of Dasha Avtar.

More than the havelis and forts there is a Jait Sagar Lake which is one of the picnic spot wherein you can enjoy. In case you are there for enjoyment one more picnic spot is Shikar Kunj. You can also take the pleasure of visiting other attractions of Bundi which include Smriti kunj and terrace garden. Bundi fairs are also very well known and if you want to hav fun in these fair the best time would be to visit Bundi during September or November.This is the time when there are fairs like Keshav Rai Patan Fair and Tejaji Fair.

How To Reach Bundi

At the time you are having a trip to Rajasthan, the town of Bundi is the place that you will not like to miss out for this you would certainly like to know how you can get at this place:

If you prefer to land at this place through airways, the nearest airport is Jaipur. Drom the airport you can consider hiring a cab as this would be convenient for you to reach Bundi.

If railways are your choice then Bundi is connected with Chittorgrah, Nimuch and Agra.

There are buses available for you to get through this town. if you want to explore the beauty of this place a very good idea would be to hire cab.

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