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Bharatpur is a beautiful tourist attraction of Rajasthan which is situated at the eastern border of this state. People visiting Mewar region definitely go to Bharatpur. This city was constructed by Maharaja Suraj Mal during the initial period of 18th century. You can also learn about the very famous Jat culture by visiting this place as it has a history associated to it. At the distance of about 50kms from Agra, Bharatpur is situated which is visited by people who are on a tour to Rajasthan. Even if you are planning to visit the wonderful city of Taj Mahal, this place is just a couple of hours away from it. Hiring a private taxi can surely take you to this place comfortably. Vibrant rich culture and the attractive destination over here will grab your attention to this place.

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Birds Sanctuary

Keoladeo National Park is an amazing tourist attraction in Bharatpur. During the past time, this park was popular as the duck hunting playground for the Jat maharajas. However, it is today a popular spot for bird's migration from various countries of Asia. It is affirm belief that birds of different species travel to this park every year and have a stay over here. Authorities of this place have seen around more than 350 species of birds coming down to this park including some rare species as well.

Apart from this national park, you should not miss out the popular Bharatpur Palace. This Palace is a majestic and stunning combination of Rajputana as well as Mughal architecture. It is a place which is built in various phases and that to by different rulers. Due to the precision in the design of the walls at this palace and huge chambers, this place is considered to be a great monument. You can also witness the antique items which have been at this place from 2nd century.

Another tourist attraction at Bharatpur is Laxmi Vilas Palace. This palace is now converted into hotel so that the tourists coming here can stay in it and enjoy the royal lifestyle at this place. The designs and sculpture of this place will surely mesmerize you and take your breath away.

There are many other places of interest at Bharatpur which includes Government museum, Golbagh Palace, Moti Mahal, Jawhar Burj, Bankebihari Temple and the Nehru Park.

How To Reach Bharatpur

There are many ways in which you can reach Bharatpur:

If you want to visit this place through airways, you can go to Agra and from there it is just at the distance of 50 kms. To cover this small distance, there are regular buses or even private taxis available which can take you to the desired destination. As you will be tired, a ride through private car will fresh you up with the majestic picturesque which you will be able to see.

From Bharatpur, there are rail lines connected to all major cities in India and hence it is also a good option. Beautiful landscapes and marvelous architecture of this place will take you to the era of Rajputs and you can witness their royal culture.

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