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Situated on a beautiful location besides the striking Suru Valley, Zanskar is considered as a hill resort. It is located on the top of Pensi La which is the in Leh Ladakh region. This place is at a distance of about 230 km from Kargil. Known for its mind blushing landscape view, Zanskar is renowned for the rich Buddhist Culture that dwells in people over there. This place was named as Zanskar because some of the rivers that flows there bear copper sediments in it and the actual meaning of Zanskar is Copper Star. Zanskar is also included in the list of tourist destination that attracts a lot of international audiences. The way people over here live and their culture is what lures people towards them. In case you are planning to tour here then you got to know that summers is the best time for to go there. The winters of Zanskar are extremes to the extent that it freezes the River Zanskar and covert it into Chador Road.

In case you want to make your tour to Nubra Valley the most unforgettable then the best time is the time between June to August. As the winters here are extremes they are generally closed and it is not possible for one to cross this valley in such a climate. But if you go in summers you will be able to have a look at the most outstanding example of nature work. Along with snow covered peaks you will also be able to see the beautiful floral view of Nubra Valley.

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Zanskar is supposed to be a deserted place in the midst of the amazing Himalayan range. So the best thing to watch here is the snow covered mountain peaks:

The Drang-Drung Glacier is just like a cheery on the cake and it is a waste if you go there and do not watch it. It beauty is just speechless. But still there are many points here which are a must watch sights.

The Fort of Zorawar Singh at Panikhar is one such place Zanskar that is visited by many people. Panhikhar is supposed to be a very vital place in the valley of Zanskar. Then you can have a visit to the Penzelle Pass which is supposed to be a divider of the Suru Valley with Zanskar Valley. This is a classic point where you can find remarkable and startling sight of the royal Himalayans.

Apart from this, you also have Karsha which is place where the local people reside. The monastery constructed here is a very sacred and has great significance in the heart of the people over there. As it is a deserted place you will find lot of places where the Tibetan Buddhists reside and they are a must watch.

How To Reach Zanskar

In order to reach Zanskar you will have to climb a bit high as it is located on altitudes. There is only one transport mode that you can use to reach Zanskar and it is roadways. There are two ways through which you can reach Zanskar, one is via Kargil and second one is via Panikhar. In case you are an adventure lover then you can opt for the second option as there are many trek conducted here in June and July. But in case you are there with your family members and want a safe and sound journey to Zanskar then you can take a bus for the same. There are also local Jeeps, gypsies, and private taxis available from Kargil. But in case you want to enjoy your privacy with the company you are in then you can opt for private car hire services.

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