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Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is considered as one of most beautiful places in the world. This place has its own majestic view that is magnificent in its own. Spread over an area of about 100000 sq. km. this place covers a huge area of Kashmir. It appears as separate section but actually is a part of Kashmir. The great Himalayan Range is the one that bisects out Leh Ladakh from the gorgeous Kashmir. This place is listed among the highest visited tourist destinations of India and thus it is popular among all those people who love traveling and exploring places. Leh Ladakh is covered by the Himalyan Range and the Karkoram which are considered as the two highest ranges of the world. You will not a lot of peaks and mountain ranges in Leh Ladakh but still the beauty that lies here is incomparable to all other destinations of world. Along with the beauty that lies in and around Leh Ladakh it is a very popular area for adventures sports. Many people come here especially for the purpose of trekking and other adventures from corners of the world.

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Leh Ladakh

Leh and Ladakh being such a popular tourist place have many attractions to visit:

The highest visited destination over here is the Leh Palace. This is a miniature of the Potala which is situated in Lhasa. This palace was built in 17th century. But today it is decrepit and isolated. Even after such a condition it still has a majestic breathing in it. The location of this palace is an add-on to the scenic beauty of this place.

Apart from this you also visit the Victory Tower which is located on the peak of the Namgyal Hill. This tower was built in order to honor the victory of Ladakh over Balti in the 16th century.

Another place that you can have a look at is the Namgyal Tsemo Gompa which was roughly constructed in the 14th century. You will find a Buddha image of as long as three storeys along with prehistoric manuscripts. Although this place has also left no proper construction, it still is fresh and stunning.

You can also make a visit to the Sankar Gompa which is situated a few kilometers away from the northern part of the city. Shanti Stupa is also another beautiful place in that you can visit. It was opened by great The Dalai Lama in the 18th century. The mosque constructed by the Mughal emperor is also a must visit destination of Leh and Ladakh.

How To Reach Leh Ladakh

In you are planning to make your trip to Leh Ladakh then you have many options to choose:

There are regular flights from Delhi, Chandigarh and Jammu also.

Apart from this you can also opt for the railway mode of reaching there. The nearest railway station to this is Jammu. It is about 600 km away from Leh.

Apart from this you also have regular bus service to Leh Ladakh on this route. Apart from this you can also hire private cabs to reach Leh Ladakh so that you can enjoy your private time with your family or friends.

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