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Delhi is one of the ancient cities which are enriched tradition, culture and historical artistic landmarks. It is the national capital of India and it is the quickest growing city of the country. This city is curved into metropolitan and it is basically divided into two parts called as New Delhi and old Delhi. Delhi comprises of various architectural structures that were constructed years ago and this place is also one of the best examples for the engineering development of these days. This is the place that is rich of attractions and has best museums, boutiques, shopping, arcades and many more.

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Akshar Dham
Qutub Minar
India Gate
Jama Masjid
Lotus Temple

As it is the capital city of the country access to this place is very easy. There are many alternatives available to travel to this place. Some of the options are airways, railways and roadways. Once you arrive at this destination you can select the option of hiring cabs or bus for sigh seeing of this place. These hired cars or buses can help you to roam around the city and take you to all the important attractions of Delhi which you cannot miss up on. Some of the attractions that you can explore with the hired cabs are as follows:

One of the most favorite tourist attractions of Delhi which tourist do not skip is Lal Quila which is also called as Red Fort. This is one of the wonderful ancient heritages built by Shah Jahan after Taj Mahal. This is the one that is constructed on the banks of Yamuna. This is the fort that comprises of Persian Indian as well as European style engraves as well as carvings. During the Mughal Empire this structure was considered to be the most imperial palace. This is included in old Delhi.

Red Fort Delhi

Jama Masjid is one of the divine attractions that have attracted a lot of attention of the tourist. This is a mosque where the pilgrims gather and offer their prayers to Allah. It is the structure which is beautifully constructed with the combination of sandstone, red stone as well as marble. The architecture of this mosque reflects the Badshahi Islamic architecture. This was the structure that was made during the time of Shah Jahan.

Another very appealing as well as special monument which is worth visiting is Qutub Minar. This is one of the tallest minarets of the globe that was constructed with lot of obsession as well as accuracy in the fourteenth century. This is a structure that bestows the fabulous work of the ancient engineers. This is the monument that has the height of seventy five meters and it is also included by UNESCO in the world heritage sight list. Humayan tomb is also the one that reflects Mughal sovereignty. This was the tomb that was built in the honor of Humayan. Its architecture is done with the red stone marble. The most attractive part of this is the geometric structures of it.

One of the magical architectural designs of Delhi is lotus temple and it is considered to be the house of prayers. Visiting this place can give a peace of mind which cannot be expressed in words rather it is something that can only be felt.


The India Gate is the tourist attraction here which was planned by Edwin Lutyens. This is the attraction that is remembered by many and as it was the structure built in the honor of all those Indians as well as British soldiers that passed away in World War I.

Above this there is one of the attractions of Delhi that you cannot skip is Akshardham. This is the temple that is dedicated to Indian Lord Swminarayan. The best part of this temple is beautiful gardens, musical fountains and many more such exciting things.

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