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“Agra” also very prominently known as "Agrevana" is one of the most beautiful city located on the side of the holy River Yamuna from past many decades. The best tourist destination liked by all and there are frequent visitors here who wish to take a look at the beauty of this. The city of Agra was discovered by Sinkander Lodhi in the 16th century and since that point of time it has been into discussions. One good reason for this is also because this city has seen lot many developments and new creations since the ancient times. After being under the rule of the famous Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan the city of Agra was well known across the globe and this made tourist visit the city to witness its beauty. The whole of this place depicts the period of early Indian history which then became well known to all.

Agra Photo Gallery

Agra Fort
Pearl Mosque
Taj Mahal
Taj View

Getting there to this place is just very simple irrespective of whether you use airways, railways or roadways. This place also has a good airport but then one good option of traveling that you can adopt is reaching out to Delhi by airways and then changing the mode of transport to roadways which will be a great choice. if you get along with the road journey you will be able to witness lush green valleys all covered with greenery and chirping of birds which make the atmosphere more beautiful and also very much pleasant. When you travel by train you do not have to worry much because you can certainly travel by Rajdhani express which is very well kwon as Palace on Wheels or then some others like Shatabdi express. Once you are here at the city traveling to small destinations by “Tanga” bicycle rickshaw is also one good and different experience that you can have.

You might have certainly heard about the great mesmerizing palace built with combination of some priceless elements, Taj Mahal that was built by Shah Jahan the Mughal Emperor for his beloved wife as a token of his love towards her. You can take a glimpse at this love symbol as it is very much located in the city itself. It is a very beautiful sight to take a look at with competent architecture on its walls and domes. This is one good feeling that can just be experienced and never be expressed in words. You will also find the verses of Quran carved on the walls of this monument. If you are on an Indian tour then you cannot miss this sight because this is said to be t eh cream of all the other monuments present here as it took approximately three decades to complete it.


One another monument which is worth taking a look at is Fatehpur Sikri. This place is approximately 35 kms from the Agra city. Buland Darwaza one good site at this place which is almost 55 meters high is one monument which has earned great praises because it was built up without any contemporary equipment. Fatehpur Sikri is one great heritage that portrays Akbar’s prophecy of the Mughal Empire.

One other heritage that was built under the rule of Akbar is the Agra fort. This monument was constructed in the 16th century by Akbar. It comprises of red stones but then later Shah Jahan made a few changes to it which added to its beauty and is also worth taking a look at.

You can also take a look at the Pearl Mosque which is one good site to be seen and it also depicts the striking architecture depicted by the architects in that era.

Itimad-ud-Daula’s Tomb is also one another monument situated at the banks of the river Yamuna which is also very well known as “Baby Taj”. The beauty of this monument lies in the way in which it is constructed with different stones and marbles bought from Rajasthan.

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