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Hire a Car in India

Toyota Innova is a good vehicle from the leading car manufacturing company, Toyota. It is said to be a great and also a perfect combination of style as well as comfort. This car will not only add fun to your trip with your family but will also make it a memorable one. This car looks attractive and stylish with their gigantic and massive look which is generally liked by many. It has the capacity to accommodate 5 passengers including a chauffer. Baggage is not a big consideration because Innova can fit in nothing less than 4 standard sized bags. It can be one good option for all those who wish to visit different places in the Indian terrain that too with comfort.

Maruti Suzuki has given out great global models which can be termed as economy or then luxury cars and one amongst them is Swift Dzire. This was one car from their production house which was just introduced in India. Though the wheelbase remains the same, some kind of styling ahs been done to this car so that it seamlessly integrates the boot. Apart from having an appealing hatch back which is liked by plenty this car also has a 1300 cc petrol engine that gives a great mileage.

If you are fond of and are comfortable with voyages with a cluster of people, then one of the best alternatives that you can get along with is the Tempo Traveler. This can more like be called as a baby van. This vehicle has an edge over a few others is its spaciousness and also the comfortable seating arrangement. More than 2500 cc power engine this vehicle has a turning radius of about 6.5 m. when you are planning to get long with a few rods which are very bouncy and are in the outskirts of India then this tempo can be of great use. This vehicle can very well accommodate more than 8 members exclusive of the driver.

A Mercedes S Class is the right vehicle if you want to have a royal Indian tour. The size of the vehicle gives you enough room for 4 passengers along with a driver and you can be absolutely sure of the safety features of the car as well. It is a car that will not only add to the experience of your Indian tour but will also make you feel the royal highness as you go to the palaces of Rajasthan or visit the ancient monuments in any other part of the country.

Corolla is one of the most luxurious cars with which you can have a great and the most comfortable journey to any place. This car is smart at engineering and also has a great ground clearance of 1800 CC. It also has a good turning radius of 5.8m on the ground. With this you will have a great blend of elegance as well as comfort. Safety measures of this are simply great as it has central locking system as well powerful breaks and power steering too. Corolla is not just great at appearance but when you take look at the over all features you will see to it that it is something just amazing and elegant.

One luxury car which adds to your status and prestige, Mercedes C-Class is one superb care which can help you have the most comfortable and royal drive on the Indian roads. If you wish to go around a few places in India especially towards the regions of Rajasthan and Jaipur then you can very well hire this vehicle because its extravagance gives great feel. One good benefit that you can have when you hire a Mercedes C-Class is that there is good cabinet space where you can sit comfortably. The seating capacity of this luxury car is 4 passengers along with the chauffer.

A prominent luxury car from the house of Toyota, Camry gives a very smooth and also fast drive on the hard roads of India. When you want to travel to the different high altitude places then opting for this car is a justified choice that you can make. The major reason for this is because it contains four cylinders and also a 2363cc engine which simplifies the drive through the different Indian terrains and also gives you a great driving experience. If you are looking out for some car that can accommodate four people including the chauffer then you can very well get along with this option.

One fascinating creation from the production house of Honda, Honda City is one of the most stylish cars liked by many. This is one good car which has proved to be the best option for the tourists. This is a very comfy family car which can easily accommodate up to 4 passengers apart from the chauffer. With a ground clearance of up to 160 mm and with an engine of above 1000 cc this car attracts many. If you are planning for a wonderful outing then opting for the Honda city is a perfect choice. There is good amount of space provided for luggage and it can very well accommodate two big bags as well as two small bags.

275hp giant Mercedes E-Class is one luxury car which you can hire for a royal drive in a few good regions of India. With a higher horse power you can be assured that you will not only get good speed but will also be able to have a very enjoyable as well as a comfortable ride. This is one luxury car which can be little expensive to afford but then if you wish to feel the leisure and also a comfy drive along with your beloved family and friends then going along with Mercedes E-Class is one of the best decisions that you can take up.